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Emily S Pitre

St. Gerard Sticker

St. Gerard Sticker

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St. Gerard

3" water, scratch, and sunlight resistant sticker⁣

Feast Day: October 16

Patron of children (and unborn children in particular); childbirth; mothers (and expectant mothers in particular); motherhood; falsely accused people; good confessions; lay brothers

St. Gerard was a lay brother with the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer. He was known to  levitate, bi-locate and to read souls. He had many miracles attributed to him. Shortly before his death, he encountered a young girl. Once the encounter was finished, she noted that he dropped his handkerchief. She tracked him down to return it, but he instead instructed her to keep it, as she may need it one day. Years later, once she was married and pregnancy, she went into labor unexpectedly and the baby’s life was now in critical condition. She asked for the handkerchief. As soon as it was applied to her, her pain subsided and she proceeded to have a healthy delivery, which was not common for that time.


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